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              ABOUT HONGSHENG


              1. Precision casting accessories division

                11 years of production experience. The main products are: mechanical parts, automotive parts, pump valve parts, building hardware, marine hardware, household hardware and so on. The company has introduced advanced spectrum analyzer in Germany and the most advanced precision casting equipment in China...

              2. Malleable iron pipe fittings Division

                "Hongsheng Brand" Malleable iron pipe fittings are manufactured according to GB / T3287-2011 standard in advanced technology and mechanization. The products are durable, accurate in specifications, good in surface gloss, uniform in galvanized layer, strong in rust resistance, quick in installation and convenient in use....

              1. Stainless steel pipe fittings Division

                Linyi Hongsheng Casting Co., Ltd. produces "Hongsheng Brand" stainless steel pipe fittings, the main production equipment is imported from Taiwan, using the U.S. imported precision casting wax, silica sol lost wax casting process, pipe fittings products meet ASTM, DIN, JIS and other related standards...

              2. Sand casting accessories division

                With the most advanced automatic sand casting line in China,one DISA vertical line and one SINTO horizontal line,it can undertake large-scale orders for gray iron, ductile iron, alloy steel and other materials, with a daily production capacity of 40 tons. At the same time has a complete set of testing equipment, metallographic analysis, carbon and sulfur analysis, spectral analysis, physical performance testing, etc...



              NEWS INFORMATION


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