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              Company News Industry Information Documentation

              20th Anniversary

              2018-10-10 20:35:21   Second

              Linyi Hongsheng Foundry was founded in 1998 .

              2018 is our 20th anniversary.

              We made this video to celebrate this moment and it witnessed our growing up and glory.

              Thanks for your constant support to our company.
              Big events of our company.

              1995-10 Former trading company was established

              1998-05 Former factory - Linyi Hongsheng Malleable Pipe Fittings Co.,Ltd was established, focus on sand casting

              2004-10 Linyi Hongsheng Foundry Co.,Ltd established, set up another water glass investment casting production line

              2007-09 Changed into silica sol investment casting process from water glass

              2012-03 ISO9001:2008 Quality Control System certified

              2016-10 Introduced DISA sand casting auto-production line

              2016-12 Machining workshop upgraded and expanded

              2017-01 Reformed investment casting production line and replaced most of old facilities

              2018-03 ISO9001:2015 Quality Control System certified by TUV Rheinland