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              AUTOMOTIVE PARTS 07

              AUTOMOTIVE PARTS 07

              AUTOMOTIVE PARTS 07

              Production Process Investment Casting+CNC Machining
              Material Copper Alloy,Cabon Steel ,Stainless Steel ,etc
              Dimension 400mm max in length 
              Weight 0.003kg-25kg
              Finish  Shot/Sand blasting,Electro Polishing,Mirror Polishing, Anodizing, Zinc-plated,Chrome plated,Acid Cleaning & Passivated ,Paintng,etc
              Lead Time 25-30 days for samples production 

              Please provide the design drawings(2D & 3D)or samples for us ,we will get back to you asap.

              "Efficiency" + "Integrity" +"Quality"= "Win" -"Win"

              For more detaIls ,please send us your inquiry.

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